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Business sensitive information is often distributed by unsecured email, and in doing so it's placed at risk. The same ease and utility that allows internal users, partners and customers to effectively communicate can be allowing your confidential information to be in easy reach of those who want to profit from it. To a moderately skilled person, inside the organization or out, unsecured email is easy to read, impersonate and alter, and is not much different from a postcard written in pencil.

IT professionals work hard to balance the need to protect critical information with the cost and complexity of implementing any security solution. Until now, managers have had to make difficult tradeoffs to deploy and enforce email security, and have spent considerable time and money trying to make it useful.

Secure email is now dramatically simpler, more effective and less costly than other contemporary solutions. IT managers and business users no longer need to make any tradeoff's to achieve state-of-the-art email security. Businesses can now implement secure messaging for their organizations, supply chains and customers using Comodo's secure email solution suite that includes:

  • No exchanging public keys first
  • Keeps emails secure
  • Protect business information
  • Private communications
  • Message integrity
  • Authenticated communications

Comodo email certificates are a proven way to secure all email communications in your organization.

By digitally signing and encrypting every email message, your business can ensure:
Private Communications, Authenticated Communications and Message Integrity.

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