EV SSL Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Comodo's digital ssl certificates, ensure continuous business operations, comply with security policies and regulations and reduce overall risk. Working with Comodo you will have access to leading technology that will help to convert more visitors into customers and improve your overall profits.

Comodo offers a complete range of digital certificates with the strongest SSL encryption available, the flexibility and technical capability to configure a solution to meet your specific enterprise needs. You have the assurance that as a WebTrust certified Certification Authority Comodo meets the highest standards of confidentiality, system reliability and pertinent business practices as judged through qualified independent audits.

You'll get the industry's broadest array of digital certificates, types and terms with fully-featured certificate management solutions, more browser recognition than all of our competitors, and the most attractive pricing.

Comodo SSL technology assures online visitors of their safety and security for sending credit card account numbers and other confidential information over the Internet. Comodo's ssl certificates are safe and secure.

Choose Your SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates Platinum SSL SGC EV SSL EV SGC SSL EV MDC
Usage Enterprises e-commerce enabled web sites conducting high volume / high value transactions who also wish to offer 256 bit encryption levels to customers using 40 bit browsers. Provides Strong Encryption with a $750,000 Warranty Provides a browser based indicator confirming site identity. Comes with EV Enhancer for XP users. Most Assurance with a $250,000 Warranty Provides a browser based indicator confirming site identity and enables older, weaker 40 or 50 bit encryption to step up to ultra - secure 128/256 bit encryption. Strong Encryption, Most Assurance Certificate and a $250,000 Warranty Enterprises, professional e-commerce enabled websites conducting high volume/high value transactions that wish to offer visual verification of site authenticity on multiple domains from a single certificate Most Assurance and a $250,000 Warranty
Browser Coverage 99.3% 99.3% 99.3% 99.3%
Organization Validated - Domain name and business entity (OV) YES NO NO NO
Extended Validation (EV), domain name, individual's authorization, legal existence and identity, telephone number and physical existence NO YES YES YES
Green browser bar - enabling technology to deliver visual verification of the site's authenticity NO YES YES YES
Warranty $750,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000
Pricing $399.95 $699.95 $799.95 $1699.95
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