SSL Certificates

Security solutions for Online Merchants

Comodo's digital ssl certificates, ensure continuous business operations, comply with security policies and regulations and reduce overall risk. Working with Comodo you will have access to leading technology that will help to convert more visitors into customers and improve your overall profits.

Comodo offers a complete range of digital certificates with the strongest SSL encryption available, the flexibility and technical capability to configure a solution to meet your specific enterprise needs. You have the assurance that as a WebTrust certified Certification Authority Comodo meets the highest standards of confidentiality, system reliability and pertinent business practices as judged through qualified independent audits.

You'll get the industry's broadest array of digital certificates, types and terms with fully-featured certificate management solutions, more browser recognition than all of our competitors, and the most attractive pricing.

Comodo SSL technology assures online visitors of their safety and security for sending credit card account numbers and other confidential information over the Internet. Comodo's ssl certificates are safe and secure.

Why choose Comodo SSL?

Comodo is the Higher Certificate Authority. Dedicated to keeping our customers one step ahead, we have ensured that Comodo SSL is 2048-bit ready to keep our customers safe for the next 20 years. Comodo SSL customers do not need to worry about vulnerable 1024-bit certificates and can rely on Comodo SSL certificates to keep their website secure for years to come.

  • Protect your customers' sensitive information with 128/256 bit encryption
  • Get a Comodo Corner-of-Trust trustmark for higher assurance free ($119.00 value)
  • 2048-bit ready keeps your certificate secure for years to come
  • Strong encryption and high assurance helps build trust on your site

Choose Your SSL Certificate

  • Domain / Organization Validation SSL Certificates
  • General Purpose SSL Certificates: For securing intranets, extranets and web sites, these standard SSL certificates provide SSL encryption plus traditional validation / vetting. These organizationally validated (OV) certificates include an organization's name and location on the certificate.

  • Enterprise SSL Certificates
  • EV SSL Certificates: For e-commerce applications and sites where sensitive information is exchanged, Extended Validation (EV) Certificates deliver the highest level of trust to web site visitors. With EV SSL a site visitor's address bar will turn green and display both an organization's name and location confirming a site's identity along with the Certificate Authority (CA) doing the verification according to standardized industry guidelines established by the CA/Browser Forum

  • WildCard SSL Certificates
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates: For organizations hosting a single domain name but with different subdomains (e.g.,, the Wildcard Certificate is cost effective and efficient means of securing all subdomains without the need to manage multiple certificates.

  • Secure Email Certificates
  • Email Certificates: For businesses and organizations requiring assurance that email cannot be stolen or modified in transit, Comodo Email Certificates secure email by digitally signing and / or encrypting it. It allows users to use the digitally sign and encrypt features built into their personal email client such as Microsoft Outlook or other S/MIME compliant software.