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Is the spam filter you currently use, not working? Is you inbox clogged with unwanted email? Our anti spam blocker is by far the best spam filtering system.

Research shows that the amount of spam today is anywhere between 40 - 97% of all email messages. That's huge!

Most spam originates from a handful of spam bots from infected computers with estimates of total spam being sent at about 200 "Billion" per Day.

One of the primary problems caused by spam is loss of employee efficiency and productivity because of being interrupted by email and then having to wade through the junk to get to those important emails. Companies with fewer than 500 employees, face an annual cost of about $500 per employee when time, network resources, storage cost, bandwidth cost, support cost and lost productivity and lost efficiencies are taken into consideration.

A recent article in National Defense Magazine states The collaboration and synergy's in hacker circles are as robust as any found in the best special operations and law enforcement teams. They conduct their reconnaissance and research in a strategic manner in a project management approach.

The vast majority of their time is spent on operational planning, research and reconnaissance before they carry out an attack. Vladimir, (Interviewed for the National Defense Magazine Article) for example, would never launch an operation that didn't get laundered through at least 10 servers.

There are currently 44,000 Turkish teenagers organized in a rigorous military-style community of hackers who are learning their techniques from each other. There are similar communities in Saudi Arabia with 100,000 members. Iraq has 40,000 members. China has more than 400,000 members.

With so much spam being sent on a daily basis from these organized rings also consider there is a considerable "rental" industry being paid on email messages that get delivered past hosting providers spam blockers.

You may ask, how can Only-Hosting's spam filters compete against these organized rings? Well, we are not new to blocking spam and providing a robust email solutions. For over 13 years Only-Hosting has competed against the biggest names in the email hosting industry. We were one of the first companies to offer out sourced virus scanning way back before out sourcing and software as a service was popular. We then combined that with our advanced spam filtering as a out sourced service when people thought spam was something you had to put up with.

Our latest spam fighting blocker is our custom redundant email gateway which also prevents DDOS, Dictionary Attacks, Data Flow Control and blocks spam at the edge of our network, before it reaches any of the internal spam filtering stages.

If an email successfully passes through our email gateway, then the reputation of the senders IP address is checked against real time black lists (RBL's)and then Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is checked. Once an email has passed those initial tests, the email is checked to see if it is a valid email address in our system. Before being delivered to the recipient, it is then checked for viruses, domain block lists (DBL's) content filtering, spam signature filters and our bayesian filters before being determined if a message is spam or not spam.

All this is accomplished in seconds, not minutes, hours or days, in seconds with less than 0.05% false positives!

At $36.00 per year per user, can you afford not to be protected from spam and improve your companies productivity and efficiencies?

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